Online concert: Folk music from the Uniarts Helsinki: Eva Väljaots & Robbie Sherratt

Eva Väljaots (EST) and Robbie Sherratt (ENG) write and perform music rooted in Estonian and English folklore

Concert will be streamed live on Sibelius Academy’s Youtube channel.

Both modern and tradition-sensitive, their music combines the kannel, fiddle, and vocals in a colourful, rich and enchanting way. Sharing an affinity for improvisation and spontaneity, the duo’s communication and companionship captivates the ears eager to float and the toes yearning to dance.


Eva Väljaots, kannel, vocals
Robbie Sherratt, fiddle, hiiu kannel, vocals

Further information: Tiina Halonen


22.5.2021 at 16:00 – 17:00


Online concert


Free admission