Experimental music and cross-art performances.

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Music Technology students are performing experimental music and cross-art pieces.


“Carousel” (2020)
Ewoud Van Eetvelde – 7’

“Trapped” (2020) by Emil Sana & Katilyne Roels – 7’
Emil Sana (composer / electronics)

Katilyne Roels (composer / harp)
Anni Sairio (visuals)

“Memory of a getaway” (2020) by Aline Clair – 18’
Aline Clair (live sound and video mix streamed from France)

“Electroacoustic improvisation course, fall 2020 performance – 15’
Kalle Rinne (electric guitar and effects)
Jaakko Arola (bass clarinet, bansuri flute and electronics)
Marco Menditto (laptop)


Carousel (2020) 

by Ewoud Van Eetvelde

“Ever since the beginning of our history, mankind has been amazed by the resonating echoes in caves, valleys and canyons. The technology of our present time offers a whole new array of possibilities. We can make use of echoes as a musical source of interplay with the musician in an electronic environment. Layering of electronically produced echoes can produce a whole new landscape of dancing with the notes, played or sung in the past, thus bending the musical layers resonating through the present and beyond. This way of music-making isn’t new. Starting with the invention of the tape-recorder these kinds of compositions and experiments with ‘echo-machines’ were a fact. Think Terry Riley, Robert Fripp and furthermore a big chunk of psychedelic 60’s where the echoes where used to enchant the mind and bring a soothing or transcendental experience.  

With the concept of this performance called “Carousel”, the echoes are placed in a circular immersive space. One can allow themselves to be amazed by the dancing and surrounding counterpoint of moving gestures. Dazzling echoes of melodies from an electric guitar swirling from front to back, left to right, past to present.  

What really attracts me as an improviser and composer is the playfulness of performing, in this case interplay between the player and layers of rhythmically controlled echoes. Multiplied by the immersive possibilities given by the sonic space that eight carefully placed speakers can create – octophonic. It gives the player the ability of letting the played sound swirl into bigger gestures and morphing them through space. The “Carousel” for me is a transcendental dance of guitar-driven sounds, echoing and sparkling like a kid’s trip on his favorite shiny ship, spinning and spinning at the center of the carnival, will we go for a ride?” – E. Van Eetvelde 

Trapped (2020) 

by Emil Sana & Katilyne Roels

Trapped is a piece about overwhelming emotional states and the loss of control. The original idea of this collaboration emerged from a feeling shared by Roels and Sana of being torn between two “homes”. Life capturing us in a flow that may sometimes be beautiful, though sometimes overwhelming. In this piece, accumulating patterns and rhythmical motifs form a harmonic landscape from which one may perceive their own combinations of tones and their own melodies. It becomes difficult to perceive the real from the imagined. 

Memory of a getaway (2020) 

by Aline Clair

Live performance with sound recordings from Finland and modular synthesizer streamed from France. Aline Clair is a spring 2020 Erasmus exchange student in Music technology. She studies sound design at the School of Art and Design in Le Mans, France.

“I have always been interested in the field of arts. I learned to play cello from a young age and then I turned to design. I entered the Master of Sound Design programme at the School of Art and Design in Le Mans to perfect my knowledge about the field of sound. There I learned to use the radio and also participated in a weekly show created with friends. It was the place of various sound experiments and regular radio columns during my Erasmus exchange at Sibelius Academy.

My stay in Helsinki made me discover and understand new electronic tools and it made my practice evolve. It is the result of this entire journey that you will be able to listen to tonight, a performance where sound recordings of the Finnish capital are getting mixed up.”

– A. Clair

Electroacoustic improvisation course, fall 2020 performance

Musicians: Kalle Rinne (electric guitar and effects), Jaakko Arola (bass clarinet, bansuri flute and electronics), Marco Menditto (laptop)

The ensemble features performers coming from a wide range of musical backgrounds, instruments, departments and universities. The ensemble has worked together during the autumn term in the Electroacoustic Improvisation course, under the guidance of Libero Mureddu and Alejandro Olarte. During the course, we have worked on various improvisatory strategies, focusing on creating a common ground between acoustic and electronic instrumental techniques and approach. Moreover, we have worked on the development of a long form in an improvised context. The performance of today is completely improvised.  


Ewoud Van Eetvelde

Ewoud Van Eetvelde started out playing classical guitar repertoire and gradually replaced the nylon string instrument with loud rock music and improvising with the electric guitar. The idea of improvisation and interplay led him to study jazz at different conservatories throughout Belgium that led to a master’s degree in music performance, tipped off with a cum laude as master’s in music education.  

Van Eetvelde has always been passionate about the aesthetic of acoustic and electronic sounds that was thriven by working and experimenting with voice, guitar, composition, live-electronics, digital processing, recording and mixing audio. Next to the purely musical aspect, there is a list of collaborations with different disciplines like dance, computer games, theater; all-in-all with an eye on building bigger audio-visual installations or group improvisation/happenings. 

Now Ewoud Van Eetvelde is studying as a nomadic Nordic Master in Jazz throughout the Scandinavian countries, with a minor in electronic music performance at the Sibelius Academy. 

Emil Sana

Emil Sana (b.1999) is a half-French half-Finnish composer, producer and sound artist, currently studying in the master’s programme of the Music technology department of Sibelius-Academy. Sana is working with film music and music for media for a multitude of varying forms of projects. He also works in pop music production and songwriting as well as electroacoustic music and sound installations. 

Katilyne Roels 

Katilyne Roels (b.1995), originally from Belgium, is studying towards a master’s degree in Sibelius Academy. Previously, she has been studying in Ghent Conservatory with Arielle Valibouse. She has orchestra experience in various orchestras such as Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra, Finnish National Opera and Turku Philharmonic Orchestra amongst others. Roels participated in masterclasses of renowned harpists such as Sivan Magen, Anneleen Lenaerts, and Isabelle Perrin to name a few.

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MuTeFest’20 a week of music creation with technology 24.–27.11.

MuTeFest is an annual festival of concerts and events highlighting some of the many sides of the artistic work of the Centre for Music & Technology of the Sibelius Academy of Uniarts Helsinki.


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