MuTeFest’20: ELECTRONS ON THE BEAT: RE-plugged

Live studio session presenting experimental electronic dance music.

Electrons on the beat

Live studio session presenting experimental electronic dance music combining electronic dance beats with improvisation and live instruments. (Stream to the commodity of your house for a safe dance! 🙂


4-Hands Electroacoustic DJ’s  
Otso Lähdeoja: DJ controller, laptop and modular synthesizer. 
Alejandro Montes de Oca: DJ controller, laptop and modular synthesizer. 

The performance opens a window into an ongoing research on Collaborative electronic music systems by Alejandro Montes de Oca and Otso Lähdeoja. The duo transforms a dual DJ deck into an experimental, 4-hand tool for electroacoustic improvisation and musical dialogue. 

Natalie Roe: modular synthesizer, keyboard, controllers and laptop. 

A set of original dance music performed live using analogue modular synthesizer and launchpads. The performance is based on the concept of ‘increase’, starting in one sound world and ending in a completely new world. This References how we spend a life time striving for increase only to find we are trapped climbing levels where we are so concerned about doing something better, Worse, more or less than we have previously experienced that we use this to validate our happiness. 

Shallow Skunk Works 
Elsi Sloan: vocals, Akai Head Rush looper/delay and contact mic’d body percussion 
Joona Lätti: Keyboards 
Kalev Tiits: Sampler, fixed media, mixing, body percussion 

SSW set takes the listener to a little ride from vintage dub inspired start via Joona’s hazy piano patterns to Elsi’s free impro and Squeeze things together to trance beat. At an earlier performance the house mixing engineer described Elsi’s and Kalev’s live set as “electronic punk”. Will punk happen again? 

Production team
Sound: Julius Johansson (Supervisor: Niko Laasonen and Miikka Huttunen) Sound assistant: Eriika Ketara  
Light: Jukka Kolimaa  
Video, Multicamera live broadcast: Antti Kuivalainen and Ville Salonen
Producer: Matti Leisma and Alejandro Montes de Oca 

Further information: Matti Leisma,

MuTeFest’20 a week of music creation with technology 24.–27.11.

MuTeFest is an annual festival of concerts and events highlighting some of the many sides of the artistic work of the Centre for Music & Technology of the Sibelius Academy of Uniarts Helsinki.


27.11.2020 at 19:00