ONLINE CONCERT: Emilia Lajunen – Legacy of the deceased

All folk music links its performers to an ancient chain of tradition.

The concert is only online due to restrictions related to the corona situation.

Emilia Lajunen’s fourth recital in her artistically oriented doctorate explores this connection with the aid of body and movement. The focus is on music, of course, in this programme specifically pelimanni music or the fiddler music of Ostrobothnia, which incorporates links to the most ancient stratum of Finnish folk music. A case in point is Vainaan perua [Legacy of the deceased], a piece by Jalmari Siiriäinen of Mäntyharju.

For Lajunen personally, the legacy of the deceased includes the legacy of her great-great-grandfather Herman Saxberg (1830–1909), known as ‘Pilli-Hermanni’ – a creator of songs, a folk musician and a criminal.

The choreography for the concert was designed by venerable choreographer and academician Marjo Kuusela. Its foundation is in inheritance and legacy: how physical and mental attitudes, preferences and the shape of the nose have been passed down the generations to Lajunen and to her long-standing duo partner Eero Grundström.

Emilia Lajunen, five-string violin, keyed fiddle, kontrabasharpa, voice, movement
Eero Grundström, harmonica, electronics, voice, movement
Marjo Kuusela, choreography

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