Emil Holmström – Liszt, Boulez and Faust

Emil Holmström’s fourth doctoral concert focuses on the story of Faust.

The story of Faust has been bothering artists with faith in the future exceptionally much. Franz Liszt wrote one of his most remarkable works, a massive symphony culminating in a male choir and tenor solo ending following the characters of the story. Like Faust, Pierre Boulez took rationality to the extreme. The early work Structures 2 is an ambitious and downright desperate attempt to get out of the narrow boundaries set by serial music, to find the unexplained and poetic where reason and boundaries prevail. 


  • Emil Holmström, piano
  • Paul Jumppanen, piano
  • Taavi Oramo, tenor

    Vocal ensemble:
  • Otso Sipilä, tenor
  • Joel Ward, tenor
  • Johannes Elfving, bass
  • Justus Pitkänen, bass


Pierre Boulez: Structures pour deux pianos à 4 mains – Deuxième livre (1961)

  • Chapitre 1
  • Chapitre 2


Franz Liszt: Eine Faust-Symphonie in drei Charakterbildern (1854-61)

  • Faust. Lento assai – Allegro agitato ed appassionato assai
  • Gretchen. Andante soave
  • Mephistopheles. Allegro vivace, ironico –
  • Chorus Mysticus. Andante mistico 

Additional information: Eeva Hohti, eeva.hohti@uniarts.fi


4.9.2022 at 16:00 – 17:30


Concert Hall of the R Building

Pohjoinen Rautatiekatu 9

00100 Helsinki

R Building


6,50–18 €

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