Senja Rummukainen and Sirja Nironen invite you into a powerful musical evening.

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The concert will be streamed live on Uniarts Helsinki’s Youtube channel.

Finalists and laureates of the biggest cello competitions in the world, Senja Rummukainen and Sirja Nironen gather for a once-in-a-lifetime recital, accompanied by the great pianists Mariko Furukawa and Valeria Resjan. We are happy that these two young representatives of the Finnish cello school and world-class cellists decided to join forces for this opportunity. From Bridge and Kokkonen to Menotti, they invite you into a powerful musical evening.

Senja Rummukainen, Sirja Nironen, cello
Mariko Furukawa, Valeria Resjan, piano


Franck Bridge: Cello sonata
Sirja Nironen, cello
Valeria Resjan, piano

Joonas Kokkonen: Cello sonata
Senja Rummukainen, cello
Mariko Furukawa, piano

Gian Carlo Menotti: Suite for two cellos and piano
Sirja Nironen, cello
Senja Rummukainen, cello
Valeria Resjan, piano

Further information: Eeva Hohti

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Jointly pruduced with CelloFest.


3.3.2021 at 19:00 – 21:00


Online concert


Free admission