Workshop by Mia Seppälä: The image creates its skin

Proposal: participatory workshop (1-5 persons, onsite only in Helsinki) ”The image creates its skin” The workshop focuses on the social activities and effects of art, utilizing my “off-painting” method of artistic research. To prove the social impact of art, in the workshop we remove a large digital photograph of the Music Center printed on canvas by using water and brushes. The workshop takes place outside the Music Center, at the same place where the photograph was taken. My intent is to demonstrate that when the photograph is fading, it is possible to experience ”what if” situation : What would Helsinki be without Music Center, without art institutions and in a broader view Finland without high culture? Is impact of the image more concrete if the act concerning the picture is concrete and physical? I think that the power of influencing with images is immeasurable. In that sense I am asking is it also possible to impact of pre-existing, unwanted and destructive perceptions?