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Hooray! We are celebrating our 10-year anniversary in 2023! The celebrations will be themed around the future of arts.

Karolina Kucia: MONSTERRERS&HURRORS Oops! Did something go wrong?

What and where do you see as monstrous? The horrors of haunting pasts? Abuses of the present form of power? Or unthinkable futures? Monstrous mutates and leaks from unnamable into casual, from casual to unnamable, in time. Wouldn’t it be nice then, to be able to see when and how it operates between me, you and us, as we are here together, now, sharing? It wouldn’t, I guess… be nice, I mean.

This workshop deals with “monstrous” within cooperation. It is organised as an online “comic book” storyline including bits of co-writing, bits of collective performance and a bit of discussion. The workshop begins with stories of hypocrisies, inadequacies and unease experienced within organizational settings and proceeds through the monstrous altering of those narratives. The characters of Vagina Dentata, Ass-Theth, M/Outhor, Zombie, Cannibal, Bug are introduced into the plot. These monstrous roles are based on myths, pieces of fiction and academic writing from the field of organizational theory. They either represent the monstrous existing within organizational structures or the monstrous that is/was historically cast away from the social organizations as unsuitable, unproductive or unmanageable. The set of writing sessions opens up into a performative presentation/collective reading and finally into a discussion between monstrous positions and participants.


Karolina Kucia (she/her) is a visual artist with a background in sculpture and intermedia as well as in performance studies in process of doctoral studies in TUTKE, Teak. She develops organizational scores based on concepts of parasite, monster and slip in context of precarization of labor in post-neoliberal capitalism and current form of art institutions. Her research project is Monstrous Agencies – models and tools for redefining cooperation in the production of art.