Collaborative projects

Master's students in theatre pedagogy and dance pedagogy may include multiple collaborative projects in their studies. Affiliates within the Uniarts Helsinki include, among others, the music education programme of Sibelius Academy, and CERADA (Center for Educational Research and Academic Development in the Arts) and its Suomen Taidekasvatuksen Observatorio [The Finnish art education observatory]. External collaborative partners include Aalto Arts, especially the visual arts education programme, and Tampere University. The teaching practices can be undertaken in national or international projects. International connections include the University of Auckland (National Institute for Creative Arts and Industries, Dance Studies Department) and Al Harah -theatre in Palestine.

Here are examples of projects undertaken at "Peda" in the recent years:

Palestine projects

The teaching practices held together with the Al Harah -theatre have led the students to work with local professionals and amateurs, at times in challenging conditions. The projects have resulted in object theatre practice, choreographies at local dance festivals, et cetera. 

Read Rajalla [At the border] blog to follow the experiences of students from the 2015 and 2017 classes. (Some blog entries in English!) 


Wonder Bus X

Ihmebussi X [Wonder Bus X] is an actual coach bus on which the dance pedagogy and theatre pedagogy students, and the Sibelius Academy's music education students have toured Finland, including the northernmost areas of Finnish Lapland. The Uniarts students have designed artistic-pedagogical activities and performances that are then performed at the stops of the tour. 


EMMA projects

"Peda" programmes of the Theatre Academy, and Aalto Arts have collaborated on multiple projects with EMMA – Espoo museum of modern art. The interventions happening at the gallery space have been designed and performed by the students, and are created to fit into and be in dialogue with the changing exhibitions. Hipaisuja [Light touches] -performance happened in the Touch exhibition (2016), Surrur surrur -interventioita [Bzz-zzz interventions] (2018) among Meret Oppenheim's surrealistic pieces, and in 2019 the students had designed participatory "space stations" to The Man Who Fell from Earth -exhibition.


Kautokeino project

In 2018 the dance pedagogy and theatre pedagogy programmes collaborated with the Oslo School of Architecture and Design and the Sámi allaskuvla [Sámi University of Applied Sciences]. The project, held in Kautokeino, Norway, culminated in a multidisciplinary art event for all ages. Children from local schools collaborated in the creation and presentation of the interventions, installations and performances.