The beach

Hailuoto Sound Art Camp Day One


The beach

The first whole day of the Hailuoto sound art camp started on a beach. The camp leader Antye Greie-Ripatti drove us from our cozy cottage to a beach near an old fishing village. At first I was surprised by how loud the sea was. The waves didn’t look tall, yet their sound seemed to shadow everything else. The cry of a seagull made me realize how fast our ears adapt to our surroundings. The absence of sound had magnified the ocean.

The fishing village

The shoreline eventually led us to the fishing village, which was uninhabited at the time. Signs of life were all around us, yet the village was completely silent. For a while it seemed like we were looking for objects to make sound with but in the end it was the stillness emanated by the village itself that caught my attention. What does the silence of this village sound like? Is it just the absence of sounds that I imagine would be there otherwise? I recorded the silence to see how it would sound when taken away from the space.

We spent the rest of the day working with sonic interventions in rural spaces. Although it was a completely new experience for me, it felt quite natural to start playing with sound and listening to the space. For me the most interesting experience was the lack of reflections from hard walls that you would normally get in a city. Reflections did appear however, in the form of birdsong, which we began to imitate. The birds responded.

Rural intervention space 2

Text: Antti Suomalainen