Feelings after returning my thesis


So, it is finally done. I have returned my thesis.

I have dreamed about this moment for months now. Well, years actually – ever since starting my studies, because graduation has always been the number one goal for me. I have also tried to imagine how it would feel, to get everything done. The moment has been a very distant image somewhere in the future, but now it actually seems that I will graduate in December this year. That’s one month away.

I have tried to analyse my feelings after the massive research job. It is strange, but for some reason I do not feel relieved or particularly happy. I do not want to shout to everyone that I meet “I did it”, which I thought I would want to do immediately after. I just feel kind of empty.

It probably just takes time to get used to the idea that I actually have free time again and that I do not have to stress about thesis or school anymore. Of course, as a somewhat perfectionist, I always find myself thinking what I could have done better. But I of course realize that that kind of thinking is really negative and leading nowhere. I had a tight timeframe and I did my absolutely best in that time. I have done it, I have returned my thesis and I am actually going to graduate. And that is a big deal.

Now I have to check that all my courses are in order and that I actually have enough credits in order to graduate. Everything should be OK, but there is no harm double-checking. Besides this, I enrolled to the maturity test that is held this Saturday. Hope that goes well, too.

So, this goes to all of you still battling with your thesis’. You can do it. You really can. Just take the time in your calendars, read, sit tight, write, concentrate and do it.