Conductor Eva Ollikainen: Mozart's music has it all!


Conductor Eva Ollikainen visited the Sibelius Academy in September 2016. In a master class for conducting and vocal students she worked on W.A. Mozart's opera Zauberflöte's music. 

- Mozart's music is extremely intelligent. Conducting operas - and especially Mozart's operas - is its own genre. Mozart's music has it all: the whole diversity of life and a little bit of the universe, too, Ollikainen says.

 Ollikainens master class was finlized by a concert for a full house in the Helsinki Music Centre's rehearsal hall. On the video, Ollikainen reveals her impressions on the master class, her relationship to Mozart's music and her approach to teaching conducting.

Turn on the subtitles on the lower right corner of the video. 

Video: Jani Roppola