Ara Guzelimian: Dedication and internationality combine our top universities


Sibelius Academy and the Juilliard School are combining their forces with a joined symphony orchestra, performing together in Helsinki, Stockholm and New York.

The Dean of Juilliard School is anxciously waiting for the orchestra’s performance in the Helsinki Music Centre on Saturday August 26th.

- When we came to Finland the first thing was to go to Ainola, and that was a very meaningful experience for the students to do – it really was a musically profound arrival, and we all found it very welcoming, he says.

According to mr. Guzelimian, there seems to be a most natural kind of dialogue between the two schools that have been ranked among the best in the world.

- I think that we have a common musical world view that is very open and flexible. We share an unusual balance of tradition and innovation that defines the character of both schools. There is a fierce underlying discipline and rigour in approach but in addition, there is also room for composers in the cultures of the both schools , an openness to new music and innovation and that keeps the garden very fresh.

See the video for more of Guzelimian’s thougths on the cooperation and the two world-class schools.