This blog is a place for sharing and discussion where students, staff and guests of Degree Programme in Choreography (Theatre Academy, University of the Arts Helsinki) write about choreography, studies, projects, art and around it.


Weld - Insister Space At Issue: performing 5.6.2018 I went to see a full featured performance evening in Weld, Odengatan, Stockholm in 5.6.2018. The evening was organised by Insister Space, an organisations...
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I have spent some spring time in green Brussels during May, the month of a big performing arts festival Kunstenfestivaldesarts. The festival lasts for three weeks, and every day there are several performances – meaning...
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Franz Anton Cramer writes a review of Jeroen Peeters's book "Through the Back. Situating Vision between Moving Bodies" (2014, Kinesis Publications, Helsinki). In the text, he dicusses with Peeters's texts and ideas i.e...
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