Sibelius Academy admission results 2020

You can also inquire about the results by e-mail at


You have the opportunity to receive feedback on your entrance examination performance. Feedback is intended to guide you to further improve your performance and help you identify areas for development.


Based on the applications and the results of the entrance examinations 2020, the Dean of Sibelius Academy has decided that the following applicants are admitted as students to the Sibelius Academy of Uniarts Helsinki:

(fi) = study language Finnish
(sv) = study language Swedish
(en) = study language English


Jazz (instrument or vocal studies) 2.5-year programme

Gyárfás Péter, Hungary (en) – conditional acceptance

Jazz (composition) 2.5-year programme

no new students


All applicants applying for a bachelor’s and master’s degree or only a master’s degree at Sibelius Academy are required to have an educational background and language skills relevant to the degree programme in question.

If you complete your backround education only after the application period ends, the decision on your admittance is conditional. In this case, you must submit a copy of your degree certificate to the Sibelius Academy Admissions Office no later than 10 July 2020 at 3pm EET (Finnish time).

If you are unable to demonstrate your language proficiency by the end of the application period, the decision on your admittance is also conditional. In this case, you must submit an acceptable demonstration of your language skills to the Sibelius Academy Admissions Office no later than 10 July 2020 at 3pm EET (Finnish time).

Your submitted documents must state your current name and the degree programme they relate to. If the documents are not in Finnish, Swedish, or English, you must submit an authorised translation into one of these languages.

Note! If you do not submit the required proof of your previous education and language skills by the given deadline, you will not be granted a right to study at the Sibelius Academy.


You need to accept the study place no later than 10 July 2020 at 3pm EET (Finnish time) or you will lose your place.

Confirming a study place is to be done primarily electronically. If you cannot accept your study place electronically, please use the paper form that is sent to you via e-mail together with your acceptance letter. The paper form must be delivered to Sibelius Academy Admissions Office via e-mail to If the confirmation form arrives late, it will not be considered.

Accepting a study place is a binding choice, and you cannot cancel or change your choice later. When you accept a study place bindingly, all your other study programmes will automatically be cancelled. Note! You may accept only one study place leading to a higher education degree in Finland that begins in the same academic term (1 August – 31 December).


If you are dissatisfied with the admissions decision, you can request for rectification of this decision within 14 days of the publication of the admissions results. The purpose of a written request for rectification is to give you the possibility to appeal and request for rectification if there is a reason to believe that there has been an error in the decision-making process. The rectification procedure is not intended as a means for receiving feedback or asking for further information about the admissions process.

It is not possibe to request for rectification of the Junior Academy admissions decision.