Applying as a doctoral student in Sibelius Academy – Research Study Programme

In the Research Programme, the focus is on academic research and complementary studies in research skills. The demonstration of proficiency in the Research Programme is a traditional dissertation.

Applicants to the Research Programme are accepted on the basis of a research plan, other application documents, and an interview, if necessary. A central criterion for acceptance is the applicant's prospects for successful doctoral study.

Application documents – Research Programme

All applications must include the following documents:

- A free-form application to the doctoral study programme addressed to the Sibelius Academy Academic Council.
- A research plan outlining the basis and objectives of the research project, earlier research related to the project, and the topics and research methods of the project. The recommended length is approx. 10 pages. (The extent of studies is 165 ECTS credits.) See the instructions for making a research plan and the Academy of Finland’s research plan guidelines 
- A general description of the supplementary studies, their extent, and their subjects, which must be discussed with the relevant professor or supervisor. (The extent of studies is 75 ECTS credits.)
- Personal details and contact information.
- A curriculum vitae.
- A description of earlier degrees and studies and other matters that the applicant considers relevant to his/her eligibility for the doctoral programme.
- An abstract and grade for the written presentation or equivalent submitted for a previous degree, and, if the thesis is online, a relevant URL.
- A verified copy of the previous degree certificate.
- Optional documents: samples of previous activities (publications or other material with which the applicant wants to demonstrate his or her knowledge and skills).

Students are advised to discuss their study plan with the relevant professor before submitting it.

The doctoral study plan must show that the intended studies are in accordance with the objectives set out in the Decree on University Degrees (794/2004).

Applicants will be interviewed. Application documents may be referred to in the interview. A language test for applicants whose mother tongue is not Finnish, Swedish, or English will be administered at a later date. Applicants will be notified of the time of the interview and language test.