Admissions Guide: Master's programme in Arts Management

2.5-year education



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Entrance examination date: written exam 6 May 2019, interviews 7-9 May 2019

For more information about the programme, see: Arts Management



Admission requirements 2019


Please read also the general admissions requirements before applying!


The Master’s Degree Programme in Arts Management leading to the Master of Music degree (MMus) is 2.5 years in duration, but it is possible to complete the programme in two years. All applicants are required to have completed at least a Bachelor’s degree and have experience in arts management. Work and/or practical training experience in arts management is considered advantageous for applicants.

The language of tuition in the Arts Management programme is English. All applicants to the Arts Management programme must demonstrate their language proficiency in English.


Pre-examination assignments

In Arts Management programme, there are two separate selection groups for applicants:

Open University selection group

If you have completed the 1-year Arts Management study module (18-25 cr) in 2005 or after in Uniarts Helsinki’s Open University, you are exempted from delivering pre-examination assignments to the Sibelius Academy and are invited directly to take part in the entrance examination. The whole study module must be completed, only partially completed studies are not accepted.

If you have have completed this study module, you must state so in the application form and deliver a certificate of your completed studies to the Sibelius Academy Admissions Office via StudyInfo application system no later than 30 January 2019 at 3 pm (Finnish time). If you plan to apply to Arts Management programme within the Open University selection group, you are encouraged to contact the Sibelius Academy Admissions Office well in advance before the application period to make sure that the study module you have completed is accepted. If you fail to provide acceptable proof of your Open University studies by given deadline, you will not receive an invitation to the entrance examinations.

Pre-examination assignment selection group

If you have not completed the abovementioned Open University study module, you must complete the pre-examination assignment phase. In addition to filling in the electronic application form, you must submit the following pre-examination assignments to the Sibelius Academy Admissions Office via the Embark system no later than 30 January 2019 at 3 pm (Finnish time):

  • A motivation essay that must be written in English and consist of 1,500 words (+/- 10 %). The motivation essay should also demonstrate your writing skills. The title of the essay is: “Why do I wish to work in the field of arts management?” The essay might discuss, for example, the following themes:
    • Work or other experience in the field of arts management to the present date and the most essential learning experiences during this work
    • The most interesting aspects of arts management
    • Visions for the future of your personal role in the field of arts management
  • CV with details of especially arts management related work experience and studies

All pre-examination assignments provided must state your name and the degree programme you are applying for. N.B.! Pre-examination assignments cannot be submitted via e-mail or via the StudyInfo application system! Further instructions on using the Embark system will be published in November 2018 on Uniarts Helsinki admissions website.

If you fail to provide any or all of the pre-examination assignments or if you have not provided the assignments in the required format, you will not be invited to take part in the entrance examinations.


Entrance examination

Based on applications and their attachments, a part of the applicants will be invited to the entrance examination via e-mail. Others will be notified of rejection via e-mail.

If you are selected to take part in the entrance examination phase, you must also bring two (2) recommendation letters with you to the written examination (e.g. work experience, education). Recommendation letters should include the name, signature and contact information (e-mail and phone number) of the person who recommends you.

The entrance examination consists of a written examination and an interview.

The written examination will evaluate your ability to assimilate and apply information on arts management. For the examination, you are required to read thoroughly 6 to 8 academic arts management related articles. The articles will be attached to the invitation e-mail to the entrance examination. The written examination will include three questions and two of them must be answered in essay form. The answers must be handwritten in English. The examination will last three hours and testing aids such as dictionaries are not allowed.

The interview will assess your suitability and motivation for studies and the profession in arts management. The interview will be conducted in English.

The entrance examination will be held in Helsinki.

For international applicants: However, if necessary and only by request of the applicant, the Sibelius Academy Department of Arts Management is willing to explore the possibilities of organising the entrance examination outside of Finland, for example at one of Sibelius Academy’s partner universities or at a nearby Finnish embassy or consulate. For more information, please contact Sibelius Academy Admissions Office no later than 23 January 2019 (at 3 pm Finnish time).



The weighting of the different sections of the entrance examination in the final score:

Based on the pre-examination assignments, a part of the applicants from the pre-examination assignment group are invited to the entrance examination.

Entrance examination:

  • Written examination 40 %
  • Interview 40 %
  • Recommendation letters 20 %
  • Total 100 %