Elena Mindru


09/2011 – 06/2013 Nordic Master of Jazz (NOMAZZ) ROYAL ACADEMY OF MUSIC, Århus (Denmark) & ROYAL COLLEGE OF MUSIC, Stockholm (Sweden) & SIBELIUS ACADEMY, Helsinki Master degree jazz singing, entrepreneurship

10/2007 – 06/2011 "GHEORGHE DIMA" ACADEMY OF MUSIC, Cluj-Napoca (Romania) Bachelor degree classical composition, pedagogical studies

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A Spectrographic Portrait of the Jazz Voice

The demonstration of proficiency process will include also two concerts with new compositions where the aim will be to use the jazz sound versus non-jazz sound. Both concerts will be recorded in a multi-track version which will offer the possibility to separate the vocal tracks and analyze them through the four different software mentioned above. The aim of these public representations is the use of vocal technique that defines that jazz sound, techniques deduced from the research in the previous years. This way, the vocal exercises for the manual will be tested some time ahead the actual concerts.


This research aims to outline the characteristics of the jazz voice, to create a knowledgebase of timbre and sound descriptors for both academic and practical purposes. It is a crossover topic between acoustics, physiology and jazz singing. By using spectrographic software, it is possible to “see” the vocal sound and observe its characteristics. The jazz vocal sound will be studied through spectrographic and formant analysis, outlining characteristics of the jazz vocal technique. There will be observed both voices of renowned jazz singers and voices of contemporary jazz singers. The common elements found will be put out into a vocal jazz book. An aesthetic analysis of the researched material will be included as well.