First week in Auckland, New Zealand




Maikki Palm,

contemporary dancer and a book addict.

Dance pedagogy student in University of the Arts Helsinki.


Travelled to New Zealand to visit Auckland University in 2018.



It is summer in Auckland.

I arrived to this beautiful city in the beginning of February.


I was not alarmed to know how strongly kindness is in the air.

I do know that Finland is not its best in the middle of the long winter but the contrast to the summer mood in here is huge!


On my first day a bus driver did not want me to get lost when going to the connecting stop, some blocks away.

I was surprised that there was time for him to take a detour to drop me off.

Customer service took a new level right there.


Through my lovely friends/family in Finland I had some connections to people in New Zealand before hand.

Marvellous local dance artist let me stay in her room for the first couple weeks while she was commissioned over seas.

Also I have a dog there (!!). The cutest mixture breed girl any dog lover could imagine.

I absolutely love the fact that Mona-dog supports my morning yoga training.

When I start my routine she kindly shows how a downward-facing dog should be done and then gets back to bed.

Student realities


Friends and staff in Auckland University’s dance faculty have made me feel extremely welcomed.

It is amazing how caring and supportive atmosphere is well valued there.

Soon the semester (and promising morning classes!) will start and the dance student’s everyday life will be my reality again.

I have missed that a lot.


The main reason for the early arrive was to take some special time with my absolutely hot partner:

MA thesis.


It feels absurd to write about Palestine conflict in such a different location.

We have had amazing time staring each other into the eyes for hours and hours while the rain is hitting the windows.

The situation keeps going from hot love to extremely aggressive fights.

We will all be fine later I bet.




Blogger girl’s struggle


-I am not a fan of my phone company here. I feel robbed.


-I clearly packed like I would have been going to some country that is not so hot. So people in Auckland: I have extra coats or long sleeved t-shirts for all of you.


-Also when writing one’s thesis next time:

Might be that pre-order for some reference books could work.


-Everyone kept telling me to use proper sun lotion.

Now I know it might be needed for the nose as well.


-British vibes from some structural aspects makes me feel a bit funny in this city.

I might just be sceptic though.  




is going to be great.

I am super exited to be here.


I can’t wait to learn more about

the nature,




all those things I can’t even imagine to be there for exploring. Can't wait the rest of our Finnish crew to be here as well!



Love ,