It is fascinating to experience the end of summer in March.

I am quite confused about that.

Confusion is the feeling that describes most of the personal experience in here for me.

I am confused how many cups of instant coffee I am able to drink in a day.

I am confusingly impressed by my ability to procrastinate interesting school work by researching auto narratively how sunlight effects me while I am sitting on a beach.


I keep surprising myself by

how many dance classes I am able to take before it will be too many.

I am confused because the coffee shop keeper on Queen Street is extremely happy 7:40 in a morning.


I do not miss home yet. That is confusing.

Maybe I should.

I feel that in this city you cannot be in a hurry if you do not have a car.

It keeps my life quite simple.

On weekends the busses go every 60 minutes from my house to centre. It makes my days to be quite precise towards the one to three activities I might want to do in a day. Moving myself to a new location would take some time.

Confusing but chill.

Touch Compass Dance Company ( ) made me notice revealing information of my expectations towards dance sessions and myself.

Lovely members of the company led a session in our Community Dance module last week.

I felt inspired by the contact tasks we explored together.


I found out some qualities of my mental preparation towards practise that could be ignored in many cases to progress simple yet beneficial training.

I possibly could just allow more stuff to happen to me while dancing rather that pretending to know what a professional dancer means and act towards that.

I don’t have any idea anyway.


I think the level of confusion is one of the best things that had happened to me for a while.

It is weird to realize how similar everything is in here than it has been in places I have studied before (London & Helsinki).

But then the similarity might be just a lie, right?

Me with my hegemonic glasses watching this new island from the westerner perspective:

Probably just missing everything that I should be seeing to be different.

There would probably be so much information that could be appreciated if I would be more talented to reflect more than to my own ideals.


BUT I just do not have experience from anything other

SO I am stuck with this lovely feeling of