Photo: Philippa G.

Chch aftermath




I love botanic gardens for now on. 

Inspired by my break:
If someone have a spare scooter that needs a user for this following summer: let me know! 

I hang out with a great pack of boys who are from the same town I have been born and raised.
There is always that vibe in Kouvola peeps I cannot explain. (Lol? [what is new lol?])
These primary school aged fellows were an amazing company for an adventure to see the Southern Alpes. 
Proper The Lord of the Rings scenario there.
I am too lazy to upload photos here, so watch the movies or google some pictures to see.

I love feijoas.

I could live in museums if that could be possible.
( For example in or in .)

I had great time to hang out with my class mate's (Teak) lovely mother.  
If there is a job that involves only pizza and movies I am more than exited to study towards it.

All the best and