Why do we need arts management?


Some people who study arts or work in the field of arts tend to think that arts management is somehow not necessary. This is a strange way of thinking as art rarely sells, promotes or organizes itself and as there are trained professionals to do all the administrative work, why not use those.

I would like to dress down a couple of myths related to the value of arts management as they, for some reason, seem to be sticking really tight even though there have been many well-trained arts management professionals for years now.

I can produce this myself

Some artists are multi-talents who can handle both the artistic side and the production side. But when the production grows, it might be useful to hire help. A good producer is a multitasker who can handle ticket sales, licences, technical stuff and basically anything an artist would need. So if a right hand is needed, a producer is the right person to call.

Marketing is a waste of money

Some people believe that art sells itself and marketing is not, for that matter, necessary. But, if you do not know your audience or the target group, which might be interested in the production, you might market it to the wrong audience. And in that case it might be a waste of money.

Reporters are able to pick it up anyway

Handling the press is simply not for everybody and it is a lot more complicated that one would think. It just isn’t enough to create a Facebook page and send out a press release to some reporters. Media relations need to be created carefully and the aims and needs of the production need to be thought out in order to achieve the best result. Surely anybody can understand that there is no point in promoting a classical music piece to theatre magazines and a bad press release is worse than not sending a press release at all. Reporters get so many press releases these days that one must consider carefully what to put in it.

So in a nutshell, when a production is a bit too hard to handle, you need it sell better, you need someone to organize all that is happening around the production, you need a little arts management.


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