Tips for Flow Festival visitors


As you might have read from the University of the Arts website, the three academies collaborate with Flow Festival this year. The University of the Arts Helsinki is the main partner of Flow’s art programming and the art offering has been curated by Jarkko Räsänen.

As the arts programme is now broader than even, I am going to give you a few tips that you might like to check out when visiting Flow this year.

Riitta Kopra: Monoceros 1

Riitta Kopra is Flow Festivals artist of the year and this peace was commissioned by Flow Festival. The Rocket-shape item is welcoming the festival guests to Suvilahti and its been created by using materials from previous festival years.

Nussivat Pääskyset: Wet Grave

The feminist performance group founded in 2009 has been spreading their carnivalesque gospel for many years now and finally they are at Flow Festival. The group will be toasting to love with some disco, glitter and mud. The Wet Grave performance includes celebration, water and death – in reference to feminine pop-culture imagery and some recent news.

Resident Advisor Backyard, Saturday 15.8. at 14.30

Erno-Erik Raitanen: Finlandia

Erno Erik Raitanen is doing a radio-transmitted sound collage by combining old recordings of Finlandia Hymn that he has collected online and from flea-market vinyl records.

Art Laboratory, open Friday-Sunday

Antti Kytömäki: Untitled

The Helsinki-based artist will present his new sculpture – a piano with DC motors. This piece will, when triggered by the presence of the viewer, fill the space with resonance.

Art Laboratory, open Friday-Sunday

Ihmebussi X

On Sunday afternoon Flow Festival is a family event as kids from 0-10 years can join the Backyard stage with their parents. Ihmebussi X brings music, theatre and dance pedagogy students and their workshops to the festival area for children to enjoy.

Resident Advisor Backyard, Sunday 16.8. at 14.00

Also, remember to visit the Voimala Stage as there will be two interesting installations that you should definitely see: a video installation by the Pink Twins and an interactive VJ installation by the Excerpt group. The whole arts programme can be found here.

See you in Suvilahti!

Picture from Flow Festival