School has started - finally!


School has finally started and it has been a really hectic week as usual because I had to juggle with work and school at the same time. Despite the busyness I was able to meet the new arts management students as well start my mobility studies at the Theatre Academy.

It is a tradition that the arts management classes (the one that has just started and the one that has been studying for a longer period) meet. This happened on this Monday at MorriSon’s, which a really good pizza and pasta place in the city centre.

We talked a lot about the studies and the University of the arts in general. The new students were really interested about the study trip 
(you can read more about our trip to New York it here) and also a bit afraid of the master’s thesis. But it was nice to see the new faces and also see my own classmates.

On Thursday I was excited because it was time to start my mobility studies.
(Check what I wrote about my studies during this fall here.) In a nutshell, due to the mobility studies I am able to choose some courses from Theatre Academy even though my own programme is organized under Sibelius Academy. Anyone who wants to do this, has to fill out a form and apply and I was so happy that I was chosen for this specific course!

The course was called History of modern theatre and it was taught by Hanna Helavuori, who runs TINFO – Theatre Info Finland in Helsinki. The teacher being somewhat legendary herself, the first lecture was of course really inspiring, interesting and also useful. The lectures focus more on marginal phenomena in the Finnish theatre field, which is good because I need to increase my knowledge on the subject and I already know the basics.

During the lectures we need to write a reflective diary about the subjects we talk about and return it to the teacher when the course is over. It is really strange to write a school assignment in Finnish!

I’ll move on to writing my lecture diary now, have a lovely Sunday!