New Opera, New Genre – and a new project


It has been a busy autumn even though it might not seem so as I have not blogged that much. This is because I have taken a new job for the wintertime. I started as the producer for Helsingin Koominen Ooppera (the Comic Opera of Helsinki), a brand new opera house founded in Helsinki in August.

I am writing about my work because I have decided to make it part of my studies. The arts management programme has optional studies that we can take and I have planned that I would need 12 credits that would be pinned under the Work Experience course.

Earning those credits mean “the student will learn to apply his or her knowledge in arts management by working in various demanding positions in the cultural field”. And this will certainly happen, no doubt about that.

Helsingin Koominen Ooppera has its opening gala concert on December 16th at Finlandia hall. Helsinki Sinfonietta will be playing and the legendary Leif Segerstam will be conducting. Audience will hear bits and pieces from the upcoming productions sung by, for example, sopranos Mia Heikkilä and Reetta Haavisto. How exciting!

As the producer of this new opera house, I will work with all day-to-day necessities related to the opening gala as well as the upcoming production together with the leader of the opera Laura Åkerlund. I actually know Laura from way back as we both used to study musicology together at the University of Helsinki. But yes, many things from managing to marketing must be done and we are two months away from the D-Day.

I will write about our (and my!) journey towards it and hopefully you will be able to see behind the scenes material when preparing everything for the big day. So stay tuned for more!