Closer to the finish line


This blog has been silent quite a long time, but I have kept myself busy. Believe it or not, after changing the thesis topic for the millionth time, I finally found the right one.

One of my teachers used to say that choose a thesis topic that will not keep you awake at nights. My advice would be the opposite. Please, do yourself a favour, and pick a topic that interests you. The kind of topic that you would be more interested in writing about it than sleeping. And the kind that can teach you something new.

So, what did I do? What made this specific topic seem like the best option for me? I was in a meeting at work where artist hospitality was discussed in general. While talking, I had a little thought that maybe I should write my thesis about it. After work, I did some research and I did not find any articles about the topic. And I only found one bachelor’s thesis that discussed artist hospitality, so the topic would be fresh and it would give new viewpoints to the music industry.

I decided to sleep on it, because that usually helps.

In the morning I still felt the same way. I could really have something that I could work with. I decided to schedule a meeting with my professor, present the idea and then start working. I got a green light even though my schedule would be tight, tighter than the ideal. I didn’t mind because I usually work better under pressure anyway.

I contacted four festival professionals for interviews and they were really eager to do it – which was fantastic! Also interviewing was fun - a bit nerve-racking - but fun. And I learned so much when doing it.

Now I have been on holiday from work and just writing the thesis. Of course I could spend my holiday otherwise, but I want to move forward with the thesis and this was pretty much the only way to proceed. Now the interviews are done and the preliminary version is done. I am just waiting for feedback and trying to add the missing pieces to it.

So what is my topic exactly? I have decided write about the occupational profiles of people working with artist hospitality at Finnish popular music festivals. Basically, it is about my work but it has never been studied.