Arts management projects – a fun way to earn credits


When studying arts management, we are lucky to choose from many obligatory studies that the University of Arts has to offer. We can also earn project credits by working with different arts management related projects and today I am going to write about some of the projects that I have been working with during my studies.

I have been part of the social media team at Sibafest which is Sibelius Academy’s own festival organized every second year. This was a very fun project, as I had never done only social media before and because of that a good opportunity to practice. Our social media team present at the Music Centre during concert days, interviewed people, took pictures, tweeted and posted. All this was great fun and the best feedback that I heard was that “there was also a festival online”.

I also had the pleasure of being part of the first We Jazz festival team. During that production I was able to use the knowledge that I had gained when working with big festivals but I was also able to be part of something new and exciting. I was responsible for producing a jazz related exhibition to Kluuvi shopping centre.

Currently I am working with one of classmates and a few others to bring the world-famous Sofar Sounds concept to Helsinki. This means that are organizing secret gigs all-around Helsinki in people’s living rooms and all kinds of unique spaces. The purpose of the concerts is to bring music lovers together and introduce new and interesting artists to the audience. The first event is in June and we are very excited.

Of course studying itself takes a lot of time but projects such as volunteering, University of Arts’ own productions or other kind of events are a great way to test your skills and get new contacts, which is – lets face it - vital in this business. I truly recommend working with different projects even while studying.