Andreas Behn-Eschenburg



So it's getting interesting. There is a couple of weeks left to Kuvan Kevat and things start to take shape.

A few weeks ago we were given our Kuvan Kevät space and were able to see it. I will be showing my work in the former Amos Andreson museum. I am very pleased with my space and now that I have seen the space I can start to imagine the exhibition.

Here's a model of the space.


I have seen a lot of very exiting work of my peers in a painting seminar a few weeks ago. We presented our works for Kuvan Kevät and the ideas about our practice. I feel enthusiastic about putting this degree show together after this short preview. Because the English speaking and the Finnish speaking seminar group are usually separate it was the first time I have seen some of my Finnish friends work.

It is a big exhibition and I believe the expectations are high for everyone but I think it is also important not get overly stressed about it and to treat it like a normal exhibition. I have been working on a number of paintings that have to develop naturally. I believe that one painting leads to the next painting and so on. At the moment I feel I still have time to make more work and although I have an idea on what work will go into the show I don't want to be too fixed on it and allow it to be open. I am still trying and combining things in the studio and I trust that the closer I get to the exhibition the more sense everything will make. I need to let it fall in to place. I showed some work in a group exhibition in Kuva's Projetroom last autumn and I made a body of work in similar amount of time and I think a bit of time pressure can be very good in the creative process.