Andreas Behn-Eschenburg/ Install week


Dear Reader

It's time to bring our works in and start installing. Today the first large works were transported and some of the hanging has begun. I'm looking forward to see the spaces slowly fill up and see the exhibition come together. So far I feel everyone seems quite relaxed about it but this was just the first day. We have almost two weeks until the opening and I think there is enough time to try different things in the space and move things around. For me it is important to have time to try different paintings and finally decide what to show and what not to show. I would like my works to work together as an installation. 

In the last couple of months and weeks I have been working on a series of painting on paper, board and canvas. Each painting informs the next painting and it is an ongoing process. For the exhibition I have to edit the whole body of work and think about a handful of works that visualizes that ongoing process. So when I bring everything in I have to spend time in the space with my works and try everything out until it feels right. I have painted until yesterday and now feel I have all the elements I need for Kuvan Kevät. I have the paintings, found objects and a table I made, which I am very excited about. I will tell more in the next blog post.

Here's some stuff in my studio.