Iona Roisin - Power dressing



Dear reader, 

Given that I only have the majority of my Kuvan Kevät installation to finish and also to unpack all of my worldly belongings (I just moved house) I figured now would be a pretty good time to decide the most important thing of all: WHAT to wear to the opening??

I’m not much of a dress gal and given that I’m already going to be wine-clammy and anxiety-sweating I want something that is going to make me feel as comfortable, professional and sexy as possible. That only means one thing to me: trouser suit. I already own a baby blue crepe one but naturally I can’t wear that to two openings in a row - who do you think I am?




Though of course even if I’ve decided this is what I want to wear I have to go through the painful process of finding it, which is much like the hell of trouser shopping, only worse - trousers are expensive and usually only designed to fit some kind of mythical body type that doesn’t exist and universally fucks over almost all shapes/sizes of wimmin. 


When searching for ‘women’s suits’ you are usually confronted with these kinds of dry abominations: 



As much as I dream of having a hand-tailored three-piece suit I’m not quite there yet so I’m stuck w/ online shopping. I love the colourful suits at the top but I’m not sure if I can do that, also all of those colours will clash with my work and co-ordinating with my art is like the bare minimum of what I’m supposed to achieve right??

So given that Kuvan Kevät is a v important event for my professional development as an artist, and given that I am a lady, the opening could be regarded as somewhat of a debutant ball, therefore heels are more appropriate than trainers, so on top of considering accessorising I need to make sure I have purchased some blister plasters to take care of the wounds this level of style will inflict on my body. So many questions arise when considering how to present oneself as an artist, maybe most crucially: do I need to shave my armpits or can I just keep my arms by my side at all times? 



P.S. hope you enjoyed this little detour, if anyone from Elle Magazine is reading this, call me. xoxo