Research Tête-à-Tête #1


Tête-à-Tête #1 APRIL 2016 /// by Vincent Roumagnac (Doctoral candidate)


Dear colleagues,

I am these days working in the Peforming Arts Lab (ETLAB / Työpajankatu 10 A). I would like to invite you at the end of the week - on Thursday or Friday (1 pm – 6 pm) - to a one-to-one research visit.

During this tête-à-tête I would like to present and discuss with each one of you, during one hour, the three projects I have been working on the last three months in the frame of my research on Heterochronic TheatreThe Cancellation (Kesäteatteri (The Tempest)), We Split! We split! We split!...and The Skene Expedition (Parts I & II). Your generous critical comments based on your experience of the presentation would be of great help for me to develop further the articulation of these works within the research process. It would also be for me the opportunity to develop the "research within the research" on the specific modes and strategies of presenting/disclosing/articulating/elucidating/exposing/translating/disseminating... my research.

If the tête-à-tête lasts one hour per guest then there would be 10 slots available. Please let me know if you would agree to come and visit, and if yes, then choose the best time for you in the schedule below. Thank you very much in advance and hope to see you in Etlab soon!