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A2: Symposium

Anttila & Nikkanen & Partti & Turpeinen: Crossing Borders in Arts Education: Possibilities for Collaboration Across Institutions, Professions and Disciplines
Biographies: Anttila | Nikkanen | Partti | Turpeinen

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B2: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Music

Goh & Paju: The Piano as an Ambassador for Contemporary Music: A Multidisciplinary Recital
Biographies: Goh | Paju | Nikolajeff

Heimonen & Vehviläinen & Kaverma: Silence in-between the Arts and Communication
Biographies: Heimonen | Vehviläinen | Kaverma

Karttunen & Hylkilä: Merging Borders: Historical Research and Artistic Research as Interdisciplinary Approaches to Music Studies
Biographies: Karttunen & Hylkilä

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C2: Rethinking Purpose, Quality and Structure in Arts Organisations

Valberg: Some Thoughts Concerning Quality
Biography: Valberg

Hautsalo: Defining Diversity Through Theatre in Finnish Opera
Biography: Hautsalo

Ponchione: Expressing Values: Engaging Orchestras in Social and Environmental Work
Biography: Ponchione

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B3: Extending Artistic Possibilities Through Technology

Castrillon: Performing with Electronics and Beyond: Shifting the Paradigm in Cello Playing
Biography: Castrillon

Lähdeoja & Thomson: Collaborating in Musical Nomadism – the Case of Tapage Nocturne for Double Bass, Electronics and Video
Biographies: Lähdeoja | Thomson

Fischer: Musical Motion Graphics
Biography: Fischer CANCELLED

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B4: Rethinking and Expanding Learning Environment

Juntunen & Partti: Beyond Inclusion? Reflections on Equality in Music Teaching and Learning in Finnish Basic Education
Biographies: Juntunen | Partti

Kuoppamäki & Rikandi: “I sit down and start to play” Composing as Creative Expression and Communication among Young Pianists
Biographies: Kuoppamäki | Rikandi

Kiviniemi & Autio-Hiltunen: Art in School Communities
Biographies: Kiviniemi | Autio-Hiltunen

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C3: Rethinking the Process of Curation and Engaging Audiences

Farnsworth: The Emergence of Curatorial Thought in Contemporary Music
Biography: Farnsworth

Curtis: Rethinking the Process of Curation and Engaging Audiences
Biography: Curtis

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B5: Experimental Approaches to Expression

Parko & Suurla & Leminen: "Wrong Notes and Twisted Stiches Con Amore" – Exploring Professional Identities Through Clownery
Biographies: Parko

Pitkänen: Metsän väki (Forest Dwellers) - A Performance Combining Music, Visual Art, Dance and Performance Art
Biography: Pitkänen

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A3: Breaking Through Institutional Silos

Väkevä & Westerlund: Music Education without Borders: Can Systems Thinking Change Finnish Basic Education in the Arts?
Biographies: Väkevä | Westerlund

Foott & Kuczaj: Perceptions 2016: A Journey Through Art from Inclusion to Citizenship
Biographies: Foott & Kuczaj

Myllyoja & Koivisto: Constructing Lenses to Observe Impacts of Drama Interventions
Biographies: Myllyoja | Koivisto

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B6: Collective Expertise in Creativity

Kononova: The Interaction between Individual and Collective Expertise in the Process of Music Culture Formation and Development in Kharkiv
Biography: Kononova

Dufva & Halonen & Myllyoja: Disciplined Drifting and the Art of Foresight
Biograpies: Dufva | Myllyoja

Ładyżyński: Interdisciplinary Artistic Collaboration – the Benefits and Challenges of Cooperation of Artistic Schools in Wrocław, Poland
Biography: Ładyżyński

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B7: Opening up Silos Within Specific Musical Disciplines

Fornhammar: Changing Ideals and New Pedagogical Challenges within Contemporary Vocal Music
Biography: Fornhammar

Santoboni & Francia: Il Tempo Materiale: A Multimedia Opera
Biographies: Santoboni | Francia

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A4: Visions for Music Practices in Senior Services

West & Curtis & Whitaker: Music for Life: A Session on International Collaboration through Research, Education and Innovation in Music and Dementia
Biographies: West | Curtis

Tähti: Musical Co-Agency of the Client and the Head Nurse of a Senior Services Center during the Music Motors Project
Biography: Tähti

Dons: Blurring Performance and Participation: The Development of a Music Practice at a Walk-in House for People with Dementia
Biography: Dons

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Pässilä & Owens: Perspectives on Collaboration and Interdisciplinarity in and through the Arts
Biographies: Pässilä | Owens

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