Artistic Interventions and the Transformative Use of Art in Society

The beginning of collaboration in the research of artistic interventions


The Theatre Academy has collaborated on artistic interventions, arts-based work in organisations and recognition of artists’ skills and competencies for more than a decade in a number of national and European projects such as Training Artists for Innovation (2011–2013), TAIKA (2008–2013), Quality of Life (2009–2012), Kolmas lähde (2008–2010),Portolano (2007–2010) and TRANSMISSION: The Creative Worker (1999–2006). Despite this pioneering work, the transformative use of art in promoting learning, well-being, and organizational change and innovations in society represents a marginal area in the University of the Arts Helsinki. It is likely that activities of this nature will have an increased level of funding in the future.

New European projects, such as Creative Clash 14–18, are already on their way in the Theatre Academy and the Sibelius Academy, and the objective is to have the Academy of Fine Arts participate in the activity as well.

Research into effectiveness in artistic interventions is an essential tool to develop a solid foundation for upcoming research projects.

The research team is led by Kai Lehikoinen (TeaK), and its members include assistant professor Patrick Furu (Hanken), professor Heidi Westerlund (SibA), Irmeli Kokko-Viika (KuvA), Ulrika Ferm (KuvA), project researcher Satu-Mari Jansson (CERADA) and doctoral student Eeva Siljamäki (SibA).