Anna-Kaisa Pippuri

Master of Music, Sibelius Academy 2006
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Anna-Kaisa Pippuri: New perspectives on oboe

Abstract of the concert series plan

My concert series focuses on presenting the possibilities of oboe playing in the music of our time. The concert series consists of oboe solo pieces, chamber music and oboe concertos composed after the 1950’s. In my five concerts I will demonstrate and introduce new techniques for playing the oboe. My goal is to make these new techniques easier to approach for professional and amateur oboe players and guide the composers who compose music for oboe.


Abstract of the written thesis

My aim is also to expand oboe music repertoire and make contemporary compositions part of the standard oboe repertoire.


My written thesis focuses on providing a music of our time guide for oboe players (professional, students, amateur players and composers). There are some guides available, but they are sometimes too inclusive. The fingerings and instructions in these guides for some of the new techniques are hard to find or they fail to work when playing different oboe brands. My aim is to make playing contemporary music as easy as possible and give readily absorbed information to the players and composers.