Academic Development in the Arts

The following link provides detailed information (in Finnish) on the Academic Development in the Arts 2014 program and how to apply.

Academic Development in the Arts (60 ECTS) is a professional development program designed for teachers, researchers and doctoral students at the University of the Arts Helsinki. The program aims at increasing participants’ understanding of their pedagogical practices in the contexts of art and higher education, and articulating the knowledge and experiences that evolve from their everyday work in these contexts. The topics and themes evolve from local views and diverse cultures, and explore differences and similarities between art forms and academies. The purpose is to give voice and form to pedagogies that are deeply rooted in artistic practices.

The program is based on a collaborative approach. It is planned and implemented by a multidisciplinary working group representing each of the three academies of the University of the Arts, as well as expertise in the field of academic development in the arts. It will consist of six 10 credit modules. Each semester introduces a new module. The program will be launched in the autumn 2014.

Further information:
Project researcher Heli Kauppila, heli.kauppila (at), +358 50 571 7597

The dates for the first module are:

9–10.10.2014 Hollo symposium (included as a part of the first module)
11–12.12. 2014

The dates for the second module are: