Photo: Petros Konnaris

A Bathing Performance

Torstai, kesäkuu 1, 2017 - 10:00 - Perjantai, kesäkuu 30, 2017 - 18:00
Multiple Locations - To be discussed among the participant after booking
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A Bathing performance, a happening of nakedness and care.

A Bathing Performance is a 1-1 (one with one) performance that invites one audience member at a time to share a personal situation with me: the secular ritual of bathing. It focuses on creating a gentle and safe environment to explore one’s nakedness in an intimate, platonic way. My interest is to share a meeting of nakedness and care with another person. During the performance, you can choose the level of nakedness and intimacy you prefer for that moment.

The performance will happen every day in June. There will be two performance slots, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Booking required!

The bathing performance:

After booking a performance, I will send you an email with some suggested locations where we can have the bathing performance. The locations include both private and public, urban and natural spaces.

The following step is to meet in the location you selected. There, I will introduce some performance bathing scores (guidelines/ suggestions/ proposals) which work as different options on what and how we can perform our bathing. The scores are influenced from concepts of nakedness, washing, playfulness, and gentleness. Some of the scores are more intimate than others. Some ask you to be physically naked while others focus on our individual experiences with nakedness. You can choose the one that feels most comfortable at the current time. If you do not want to be naked then we will not. The scores are not fixed or absolute. I also welcome your proposals on what actions we can perform in the bathing happening to have a relaxed and comfortable situation. You can come prepared and suggest what and how you would like to perform. Then we can discuss together how to create an enjoyable experience in which we explore our limits within the frame of nakedness.

Apart from the 1-1 bathing happening, I will facilitate a few discussions about nakedness and related topics. During these casual talks, we can discuss about personal experiences with nakedness, nakedness and gender, being naked in public/private spaces, naked bodies and water, nakedness and everyday life.

Join me to explore the act of bathing, a meeting of nakedness, a form of platonic intimacy.

For any further questions and information please contact me in the email found below.

See you soon

Petros Konnaris =)



1-1 bathing happenings: approximately 20-40 minutes

Discussions: 2 hours


June 2017: 1-1 bathing happenings

1st, 10th, 20th, 30th of June 2017: Discussions about nakedness and related topics
(During the days of the discussions there will not be any bathing performances)

Live Art and Performance Studies Master Thesis Project// Theater Academy