Prognostics lecture: Gigi Argyropoulou: Art in transitional times

Keskiviikko, lokakuu 4, 2017 - 18:00 - 19:30
Exhibition Laboratory

Art in transitional times: Emergent practices beyond imagined futures. 

This lecture will discuss diverse artistic practices in the interstice of performance, politics and spatial practice that seek to intervene in the socio-political condition. Questioning the ongoing recuperation of “participation” and the potential of the “political turn” in the arts in conditions of precarity in this lecture I will rethink the role/place of art practice in the political and urban realm and vice versa. Seeking to examine structures of care, implication and solidarity in relation to art/performance this talk will theorise on functional and potential methods that ephemerally institute alternatives to political and social imaginaries. Asking: Which models of the efficacy of contemporary art practice govern our practices and judgments? In what ways artistic practices can create new possibilities to respond to the present situation and produce new relations with time? Can cultural workers who are increasingly implicated in neoliberal structures and mechanisms produce ruptures from within the very system they appear to serve? How impotential cultural practices of a “here and now” offer new ways to engage with a “then and there” that in turn sketch different worlds to come? Theorising on specific practices and experiences this lecture will seek to offer wider considerations on imaginative destituent artistic strategies that bear the potential to criticality devise ephemeral forms of “instituting otherwise”. This lecture problematises the relation between art and politics, resistance and incorporation, infrastructure and ephemerality in order to theorise potential positions cultural workers might seek to institute in the coming years. 

Dr. Gigi Argyropoulou is a theorist, curator, artist and lecturer working in the fields of performance and cultural practice based in Athens and London. Gigi has initiated and organised festivals, interventions, conferences, performances, spaces, actions and cultural collaborations both inside and outside institutions. She is a founding member of Green Park, Mavili Collective, Institute for Live Arts Research, and F2 Performance Unit/Mkultra. As a member of Mavili and other collectives Gigi co-initiated/co-organised theatre and cultural occupations, interventions, programmes and cultural critique actions during the crisis. During the last fifteen years her artistic work has been presented in theatres, festivals and found spaces in Greece, the UK and Europe. She holds a PhD from Roehampton University and publishes regularly in journals, books and magazines. Gigi received the Routledge Prize for PSi18 and Dwight Conquergood Award for her work in 2017. She is the editor (with Hypatia Vourloumis) of the special issue of Performance Research Journal “On Institutions”. Gigi co-initiated the Performance Biennial (Athens, 2016) and co-curated its first edition.  

Friendship is the common theme in the Prognostics lectures during autumn 2017. The lectures focus on art and artistic agency that is not defined through ownership.

The Prognostics lecture series on Wednesday at 6 pm.

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Exhibition Laboratory, Merimiehenkatu 36. Free entrance. 

The Prognostics lecture series is supported by Saastamoinen Foundation.