Suora lähetys Musiikkitalosta 20.4. - 1+1

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University of the Arts Helsinki / Sibelius Academy presents:


Helsinki Music Centre, Black Box, April 20th 2017 - 19:00 EET (GMT +3)
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“1+1 is a concert about how all things have two sides, about balancing at the intersection of two paths. And I am not there alone.”

Guitarist J-P Piirainen, a seasoned solo performer, explores the extension of the solo instrument aesthetic to a variety of duos in his master’s recital. How to combine a solo idiom firmly rooted in folk music with modern guitar music and various combinations of instruments? The works on the programme form a bridge between guitar music and folk music and also explore the territory between the two genres.

J-P Piirainen, acoustic guitar, vocals, dance
Petteri Sariola, acoustic guitar
Maija Kauhanen, kantele, percussion
Sami Kurppa, keyboards, live electronics
Venla Blom, beatbox
Oskari Lehtonen, percussion
Tuomas Haimakainen, sound design, FOH


1. 1+1
comp. / arr. J-P Piirainen

2. Wastavirta
comp. J-P Piirainen, arr. J-P Piirainen & Maija Kauhanen

3. Rascal
comp. J-P Piirainen, arr. J-P Piirainen & Venla Blom

4. Rabbit
comp. J-P Piirainen, arr. J-P Piirainen & Oskari Lehtonen

5. Lumienkeli
comp. / text J-P Piirainen arr. Sami Kurppa

6. Traffic
comp. J-P Piirainen, arr. J-P Piirainen & Petteri Sariola

7. Kaksi Polkua
comp. / arr. J-P Piirainen

Videotuotanto - Video production:
Video (Video effects):  Keijo Lahtinen
Sound:  Olli Ovaskainen
Lights:  Ainu Palmu
Producer:  Joni Käenmäki

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All copyrighted music licenced by Teosto, the Finnish Composers' Copyright Society.