MAECP Open Lecture Series: Michael Dudeck

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MAECP Open Lecture series: Michael Dudeck

Religion of the Species

Theatre Academy, University of the Arts Helsinki

The Religion of Species explores and excavates Evolution as a modern origin myth steeped within Judeo-Christian Messianic codes. Dudeck animates the material through the ritual insertion of artifacts and documents of his performative artistic practise (which itself remixes religious and evolutionary narratives to produce a hybrid queer origin myth for the Posthuman era) and through a number of case studies that illuminate key biblical/religious motifs embedded within the codes and annals of the Religion of Evolution.

Michael Dudeck (Ca) is an artist, writer and cultural engineer who decodes dominant cultural mythologies and re-codes them into contemporary fictions. His work is divided into four streams : The Religion Virus [an invented queer religion and prehistory], Punc Arkæology [a pedagogical software system] Crytical Mythopoesis [crypto-fictional meta-mythologies] and The Museum of Artificial Histories [an imaginary institution housing artifacts and alternate information systems].