Live from Helsinki Music Centre 15.8. - Jonne Grans, guitar

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University of the Arts Helsinki / Sibelius Academy presents:

Young artists of the summer: Jonne Grans, guitar​ 

Helsinki Music Centre, Camerata, August 15th 2017 - 19:00 EEST (GMT +3)
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Kesän nuoret taiteilijat: Jonne Grans, kitara
Young artists of the summer: Jonne Grans, guitar

Escape from reality.
Guitarist Jonne Grans offers an interesting overview of what has been happening in guitar repertoire in the past quarter century, addressing the past and the present at once. True to the ideals of contemporary guitar music, this is a chamber music recital with an experimental dimension. What actually is modern?

Jonne Grans, guitar
Miikka Hakomäki, viola
Matti Pulkki, accordion
Eero Saunamäki, recorder


Poul Ruders (s. 1949):

  Psalmodies suite (1990) 

    I. Entrance for One

    II. Cadenza for One

    III. Prayer

    IV. Exit for One


Samuel Adler  (s. 1926):

  Into the Radiant Boundaries of Light (1993) 

    Miikka Hakomäki, viola


Sebastian Currier (s. 1959):

  Assertions/Reflections (1988) 


José Mária Sánchez-Verdú (s. 1968):

  Dhatar (1997) 

    Matti Pulkki, accordion


Tan Dun (s. 1957):

  7 desires (2002)


Herman Rechberger (s. 1947):

  Eyktime (1992) 

    Eero Saunamäki, recorder

Videotuotanto - Video production:
Video:  Keijo Lahtinen
Sound:  Mikko Ingman
Lights:  Sirje Ruohtula
Producer:  Matti Leisma

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All copyrighted music licenced by Teosto, the Finnish Composers' Copyright Society.