Master’s Degree Programme in Dance Pedagogy

In the two-year master’s degree programme in dance pedagogy, the students gain a firm foundation for individual and analytical thinking as well as practical skills in art pedagogy. The programme emphasises a reflective, critical and creative standpoint on the practices and pedagogy of performing arts. Dance pedagogues work in a variety of professions in the field of performing arts and art pedagogy, such as in basic art education, comprehensive schools and high schools, vocational dance education, and other various artistic, pedagogical, and communal contexts and projects.


The master's programme in dance pedagogy is an adventure into an open learning process. The adventure that is offered is a result of the choices made by you as a student, your peers, the teachers, and the curriculum. We encourage you to take risks, make daring choices, and to look for new horizons. In the programme in dance pedagogy, we start from the idea that it is only by stepping into the unknown that we can find new ways of acting and thinking. The programme is a safe environment for inquiry-based learning, building on inspiration, encouragement, respect, dialogue, and a comprehensive approach.


As a graduate from the master’s programme in dance or theatre pedagogy, you will be a versatile and pioneering professional with extensive work opportunities in art pedagogy. In the programme, you will learn to think independently and analytically and gain practical skills in art pedagogy. You will develop a reflective, questioning, and pioneering stance towards art and art pedagogy.


After graduating from the master's programme in dance pedagogy, you will be able to work in basic (art) education and vocational dance education and training, among others. The programme will provide you with both extensive pedagogical qualifications and the eligibility for doctoral study.


In everyday speech, we refer to the master’s programme in dance or theatre pedagogy as "peda". The name is apt: pedagogy penetrates everything that we do. Learning and teaching are the objectives and content of our activities.


Study in the master’s programme in dance or theatre pedagogy is a mixture of teaching, interaction, and independent study. Concentration, commitment, and responsibility to yourself and your peers are the basis of learning and a prerequisite for professional growth.


The degree requirements guide the study, provide a flexible environment for study planning, and guarantee your rights as a student. They are revised every five years.


The annual curriculum is based on the degree regulations, the needs of the students, the resources available, and current events and topics.


The curriculum enables a flexible connection between different contents. The actual creation of the connections between different contents is up to you as a student.  A smooth progress of study is best reached if you follow the existing curriculum.


Mobility courses and other study modules included in your individual study plan are best fitted in your schedule if you think of the pre-set modules of the curriculum as undividable entities. Credits will normally be awarded only for complete study modules and require a minimum of 80 per cent class attendance.


The Timetable shows the latest revisions to the weekly schedule (cancellations, changes to rooms, etc.) There will be alterations, so please check the schedules on a weekly basis on Artsi.


The Languages of Teaching and Degree are Finnish and English. Student has the right to use written or spoken Swedish in teaching and study attainments, unless it is otherwise stated in the curriculum or the character of the teaching makes it impossible. In certain years, the Master’s degree programme admits students who study in English. If a programme admits new students to study in English, some of the teaching will also be in English to students pursuing a degree in Finnish.

Master's Degree in Dance Pedagogy

Master's Degree in Dance Pedagogy

Pedagogy studies for teachers at the Theatre Academy (60 credits)


Eeva Anttila

Lecturer, doctoral student
Katarina McAlester 

Heli Kauppila

TEACHERS 2014-15 

Gabriele Goria
Irene Kajo
Heli Kauppila
Anu Koskinen
Maria Nurmela
Gesa Piper
Jutta Annala
Tero Kaunisvuo


Raisa Foster
Kai Lehikoinen
Teija Löytönen
Leena Rouhiainen
Anita Valkeemäki
Isto Turpeinen
Panu Varstala

How to apply

We invite applications to the Master’s Degree Programme in Dance Pedagogy in the spring 2018. Applications will then be invited both from Finland and from outside of the country, and candidates with sufficient skills in English are welcome to apply. If international students are admitted, the entire class will be taught in both Finnish and English.


All University of the Arts Helsinki e-mail addresses are in the form firstname.lastname (at)

Planning Officer
Justiina Westerinen