Classical instruments: Harp

In a nutshell

  • Target degree: bachelor’s and master’s degrees in music, master’s degree in music
  • Scope of the degree: BA + MA 180 + 150 study credits (3 yrs. + 2.5 yrs.), master’s degree 150 study credits (2.5 yrs.)
  • Field of art: Music
  • Organiser: The Sibelius Academy


  • Next time to apply: January 2019
  • Studies begin: at the start of the academic year in August
  • Person responsible for the degree programme: Responsible teacher Päivi Severeide

Teachers and contact information


Päivi Severeide, responsible teacher in harp
Stefania Saglietti


Contact information

Päivi Severeide,
Tel. 044 353 8534