Photo: Mikko Mällinen

Video: Students interpreted Uniarts Helsinki’s strategy

In its strategy that was prepared last spring, University of the Arts Helsinki presents its vision for the role of art in Finland in 2025. In the summer the university asked its students to interpret that vision through their own art.

As a result of a collaboration with 13 students a video was created, where the university’s shared dream is presented through moving image, sound and text.

“As a student of the University of the Arts, I would like to think that I am a part of something very special. That’s why I immediately said yes when I was asked to participate in this project”, Mirza Cizmic, student in fine arts, says.

For the video, Cizmic along with other Academy of Fine Arts students organised an event during the Night of the Arts in Helsinki next to the central railway station, where passers-by were invited to create a large-scale painting. In addition, a group of Theatre Academy students in choreography, dance and directing created an assortment of clips that were inspired by three words from Uniarts Helsinki’s strategy: fresh, thinking, and community.

The music heard on the video was created by a group of Sibelius Academy students as a result of a collaborative composing session. The group used one of the university's values, courage, as a starting point.

Venla Blom – one of the students involved in creating the music and whose vocals are heard in the video – explains that the students who worked on the composition wanted to bring out the long history and traditions of their school, yet create something completely new in a bold and open-minded way.

“Honouring tradition does not mean the servile repetition of the same thing year after year but rather it is about the desire and ability to use tradition as a starting point for new and innovative ways of making art, Blom contemplates.

What is University of the Arts Helsinki’s vision for the future, then?

It includes the following:

“Art belongs to everyone, and it will bring well-being to people of all ages and improve their quality of life. Art will help us to believe in ourselves and understand other people. Artists have the ability to challenge us, provide alternative solutions, open the door to new discussions, and have a more visionary point of view, and this ability will be utilised in all fields.”

Mirza Cizmic believes that the vision can be realized.

“Through art we can look beyond what is, to what should be.”

You can read more about the students’ thoughts and Uniarts Helsinki’s strategy at: