TeaK goes global with Norteas

Theatre Academy of Uniarts Helsinki is a partner in a project that opens an easy way to international contacts. Sustainable Theatre Artist allows students to participate to courses in different countries and to open lectures via online streaming.

The Nordplus network for Nordic and Baltic theatre and dance institutions of higher education is organizing a set of express courses and an online academic series throughout the academic year 2017–2018. The first course is organized in Reykjavík already in the end of August. A student can apply to a number of courses.

Planner Jaakko Hannula from the Theatre Academy of Uniarts Helsinki sees the Norteas project as an easy way to create international contacts.

– It can be tricky for students to find possibilities for a longer exchange abroad. Hopefully this flexible set of short courses enables more students to get an international experience. It is possible to apply to all of the courses, estimated two ECTs each, or just pick the ones one wishes.

Courses in different countries offer a possibility to international, cross-disciplinary studies. Over a hundred students took part in a course on children’s theatre a couple of years ago. The Norteas network will support the students accepted for the Sustainable Theatre Artist courses with a mobility grant. The application deadline for the first course in August in Iceland is already June 30th.

Additional information: planner Jaakko Hannula, jaakko.hannula (at)uniarts.fi
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