Sibelius Academy incoming exchange applications break the record again

The application round for the incoming exchange students for the 2018-2019 academic year has ended 31 March 2018. In total 235 students applied to the Sibelius Academy for an exchange.

155 applied to the Faculty of Classical Music and 80 applied to the Faculty of Music Education, Jazz and Folk Music. Department of wind instruments, percussion and harp received the most applications.

The biggest increase in the number of applications compared to last year were to the department of Strings, and to the department of piano, accordion, guitar and kantele.

Number of applications addressed to the department of music education were also higher than last year. Most of the students applied for the whole academic year 2018-2019 (106) or autumn semester 2018 (106). 23 applied for the spring term.

Exchange students that study at the Sibelius Academy within the joint study programmes are not counted here.

The decisions on the incoming exchange applications are expected to be made during early May.

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