The pastel-coloured revenge of TADaC

The dance company TADaC, consisting of students in the Master’s Programme in Dance Performance of Uniarts Helsinki’s Theatre Academy, interprets Elina Pirinen’s choreography Kosto I-IX with the premiere on 19 January. The piece focuses on fantasies of revenge (Kosto in Finnish) that are often considered taboo in social relationships. It doesn’t aim at recreating the revenge imagery that the fine arts have in abundance, nor does it mess about with citations from the canon of world literature where the subject of revenge is widely represented. Instead, TADaC’s Kosto I-IX stems from the performers’ personal inner worlds, histories and imagery. The audience gets to hear recited texts that the dancers have written under the supervision of choreographer Pirinen and writer Niko Hallikainen. The theme of revenge centres on various kinds of emotional landscapes.

Pirinen’s earlier works have also delved into the spectrum of human emotions and the plurality of people’s inner life, in all its disjointedness, sliminess and poeticness. Pirinen has, in fact, said that she wants to turn the spotlight back on humanity on the contemporary stage. Humanity and human emotions are at the core of Kosto, but even animals, objects, toys, landscapes as well as party drinks and food play a supporting role in the performance. All of this is clothed – not in the traditional dark shades of revenge – but in bright mint and other regal hues. The stage, bathing in light and warmth, provides the space for nine performers to draw both subtle and straightforward visions of revenge through their lyrical, visual and bodily interpretation. The creative process has allowed the students to explore a wide range of different forms of expression.

− Writing has been great. There’s no sense of having to do things in the exact right way, which is very liberating, describes dancer Anni Koskinen.

Pirinen and the performers have studied the anatomical structure of the face and the ensuing bodily experience that is both profound and playful. The dancers tap into their entire facial repertoire, allowing their gestures to resonate and lead to different kinds of corporeality. This method has led the performers to reveal sides of themselves that may be frowned upon in our rigid social reality.

− The whole group lets their interesting inner lives shine through in Kosto. There’s a fantastic new generation of dancers entering the field, praises Pirinen, who herself is a Theatre Academy alumna.

TADaC’s members are Krista-Julia Arppo, Jenna Broas, Karoliina Kauhanen, Anni Koskinen, Anna Kupari, Outi Markkula, Pinja Poropudas, Lotta Suomi and Katriina Tavi. They have participated in the project as part of their artistic work included in their Master’s thesis. The students were given the chance to have a say in who was going to be invited as their choreographer. The ultimate decision is made every year by the artistic director of TADaC, Professor Ari Tenhula.

TADaC’s Kosto project has been captured into a short documentary film, which will premiere in early spring with Ville Tanttu as its director, cinematographer and editor. After the performances at the Theatre Academy, TADaC will tour in Oulu, Tallinn, Viljandi and Moscow, among other cities that have yet to be determined.



Choreographer and director: Elina Pirinen
Visual concept: Elina Pirinen and Heidi Väätänen
Visual consultation and stage design: Nadja Räikkä (guest)
Sound engineering for the recital: Lauri Malin 

Premiere: Thu 19 Jan at 19:00

Sat 21 Jan at 19:00
Tue 24 Jan at 19:00
Wed 25 Jan at 14:00
Fri 27 Jan at 19:00
Sat 28 Jan at 19:00
Tue 31 Jan at 19:00
Wed 1 Feb at 19:00

Theatre Academy of Uniarts Helsinki (Haapaniemenkatu 6), Theatre

Tour dates:
Oulu, Valve Hall 7–8.4.2017
Tallinn, Kanuti Gildi Saal 24.4.2017
Viljandi, Cultural Academy 26.4.2017
Other tour dates and venues will be confirmed later in January 2017.