Five social influencers elected to the Uniarts Helsinki board

The collegium of the University of the Arts Helsinki (Uniarts Helsinki) elected five external members from outside the university community to the university board in its meeting on 1 June.

The external members are Paavo Järvensivu, Heikki Lehtonen, Marja Makarow, Stuba Nikula and Astrid Thors. All of them are new members to the Uniarts Helsinki board and will begin their term on 1 January 2018.

The board will have a total of 11 members as of the beginning of 2018. In addition to the five newly-elected external members, the collegium will later confirm the election of four representatives of the personnel and two student members to the university board. The personnel will select its representatives by election in autumn 2017. The student members of the board will be appointed by the student union. 

External members of the Uniarts Helsinki board in 2018–2021

Paavo Järvensivu, D.Sc. (Econ.), born 1982, is a researcher of economic culture in the independent, multidisciplinary BIOS Research Unit, which aims to predict socio-ecological changes in society. Järvensivu works actively in the Mustarinda Association, which is a group of artists and researchers whose goal is to promote the ecological rebuilding of society, the diversity of culture and nature, and the connection between art and science.

Heikki Lehtonen, M.Sc. (Tech.), born 1959, is a board professional and executive with 27 years of experience as the CEO of an exchange-listed company. Lehtonen has been a member of numerous boards of exchange-listed companies, and among his other positions, he is currently the CEO of Högfors-Trading Oy and a member of the board of Otava Group. Lehtonen has been actively involved in the Art is a Gift fundraising campaign of Uniarts Helsinki.

Professor Marja Makarow, Ph.D., born 1948, is the director of Biocenter Finland and the chair of the board of Technology Academy Finland. She served as the vice president for research of the Academy of Finland from 2012 to 2016 and the CEO of European Science Foundation from 2008 to 2011. Makarow has also served as the vice rector of the University of Helsinki and the vice chair of the Aalto University board.

Stuba Nikula, MA, born 1972, is the director of the Cultural Office of the City of Helsinki. From 2013 to 2017, he worked as the cultural director of the City of Helsinki. Nikula has previously worked as the CEO of the property management company Kiinteistö Oy Kaapelitalo, where he was in charge of the management and development of the Cable Factory and Suvilahti cultural centres. Nikula holds numerous positions of trust, including the vice chairmanship of the board of the Helsinki Music Centre’s service company.

Astrid Thors, born 1957, holds the Finnish legal title of varatuomari (Master in Law with court training). During her extensive career, she has held numerous positions, including the OSCE High Commissioner on National Minorities, Minister of Migration and European Affairs, Member of the Finnish Parliament and Member of the European Parliament. Thors is currently the chair of the board of the Pro Artibus Foundation, a member of the board of the Arcada Foundation (owner of the university of applied sciences Arcada), and a member of Föreningen Konstsamfundet. Thors has also served as the chair of the board of Unga teatern, a theatre for children and youth.

Further information:
Mika Virkkala, chair of the collegium, tel. 050 384 3484
Alina Savolainen, secretary of the collegium, tel. 0400 792 089