Call for submissions: LAPSody 2017

6th International Festival and Conference at the Theatre Academy Helsinki

The Bubble 24th-27th May 2017
Bubbles are not kindly regarded in these days.
They are associated with many of our current world's issues: social injustice, a lack of solidarity, rising prices, polluted water, the
election of Donald Trump. Our world bubbles, the earth is a bubble, and we are in crisis. However, there is the aesthetic and life - preserving potential of the bubble: it is an equally rich metaphor for isolation
and ignorance as it is for nurturance, safety and protection, and even more so for perfection and effervescence. A multitude of bubbles might merge, expand, form a foam, or collide, burst and disappear.

For this year’s LAPSody, we invite experts and contributors from all fields to join The Bubble
Come explore
the political, social,
environmental, philosophical, scientific and performative potential of
the bubble as a discursive and physical phenomenon.
We especially welcome proposals featuring non
conventional forms of
presentation, and are happy to facilitate these, for example lecture
installations, post
truth performances, site specific discussions,
phlegmatic workshops and one-on-one-situations.
LAPSody festival & conference will be taking place in the Theatre Academy Helsinki as well at different outdoor and indoor
sites around the city of Helsinki. Other venues of LAPSody are currently being negotiated and will be announced in the beginning of the year 2017.

How to apply for the festival and conference:
To propose a work, please email your CV, short bio, a 300 word abstract or description and format of your proposed activity.

Please specify also the technical and spatial requirements as well as the number of people that will be involved in your project.

What we can offer:
Accommodation in shared rooms
Daily lunch
Technical support
Documentation (unless not desired)
Cost of travel is not included.
Deadline for proposals: 15 January 2017

We will respond to all proposals
by 15 February, 2017.
LAPSody will be taking place 24-27 May, 2017.

Organizers: Jay Mar Albaos, Antonín Brinda, Harriet v. Froreich, Petros
Konnaris, Jolijn
de Wolf / MA Degree Programme in Live Art and
Performance Studies (LAPS), Theatre Academy of the University of the
Arts Helsinki
Are bubbles always around? Do bubbles leave traces? What pulls bubbles together and what drives them apart? How do bubbles affect what they contain and what they exclude? In what
way are bubbles performatives?
Can foam be a model of society? What does the occurrence of bubbles tell us?
Can you exchange bubbles, i.e. travel, transfer or migrate to others? What are the limits of the bubble metaphor?