The studies leading to the Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees are organised
 in subject areas. The subject areas focus on specific disciplines of fine arts requiring artistic talent and expertise and seek to develop these further. The Academy offers subject areas in sculpture, painting, printmaking and time and space arts. You will choose the subject area during the first year of study.

The subject area in Sculpture examines the use of three-dimensional space in artistic work.


The subject area in Sculpture examines the use of three-dimensional space in artistic work. Studies are founded on hands-on work and keeping the traditions of sculpture alive. The focus is also on the command of various approaches in contemporary sculpture, an in-depth understanding of the techniques available and utilising these in the student’s own artistic work.

The instruction in the Sculpture subject area contains, in addition to installations and works of art located in galleries or museums, the exploration of time, space and situation specific processes. Furthermore, the subject area emphasizes understanding of public space and works placed in public spaces. The main emphasis of the studies is in the independent artistic work of the student, advised through discussions, critique sessions and seminar work. The objectives of independent artistic work are to support the expression and concepts of the student and the development of creative problem solving abilities.


Thematic lectures in sculpture as well as artist-led projects and workshops organised both in Finland and abroad contribute to the studies on the basics of artistic tools and methods, intended for all students, introducing the materials, techniques and working methods in sculpture.

Bachelor of Fine Arts degree

Bachelor of Fine Arts degree

The studies leading to the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree (lower university degree) aim to provide the student with the artistic, cognitive and theoretical basic abilities and skills required from a visual artist. The degree consists of 210 ECTS credits and should be completed in 3.5 years. After completing their degree, the students have the resources they need to work as visual artists and to carry on to the studies leading to a Master’s degree and lifelong learning.

Master of Fine Arts degree

Master of Fine Arts degree

The Master of Fine Arts degree (higher university degree) aims to offer the students the resources to function as an independent and analytical artist in society and the world. The master’s degree consists of 120 ECTS credits and should be completed in 2 years. Masters of Fine Arts have a thorough command of the instruments of fine arts and an understanding of the current significance and history of those instruments. They are qualified to act as experts and developers of fine arts and are ready to continue to postgraduate education in art.


If you are interested in Sculpture, you can apply to the 5.5 year programme leading to Bachelor and Master of Fine Arts degree or to 2 year programme leading to Master of Fine Arts degree. Students in the 5.5 year programme will choose their subject area during the first year of study. In 2 year Master programme you will choose your study programme in connection with the admission process.

Applications to both admissions are accepted annually.

Teaching staff

The teaching staff of the Academy of Fine Arts is composed of distinguished artist-teachers who are actively involved in expert and reviewer responsibilities both in Finland and internationally. The instruction at the Academy is complemented by the expertise of its visiting professors, both Finnish and international. The visiting teaching staff hosts thematic workshops and special courses and their instruction offers the students opportunities for expanding their technical skills. Visiting teachers can also take on responsibilities of thesis supervisors, examiners and experts.


Tuition at the Academy of Fine Arts accentuates individual, one-to-one instruction that takes place in the student's studio and in the common studio and work facilities. In the student’s own subject area, each student is appointed a tutoring teacher, who keeps a close eye on the student.


Through their expertise and professional networks, the teaching staff is able to introduce the students to the field of fine arts in Finland and internationally and also offers an excellent professional basis for working as an artist.

Read Professor Villu Jaanisoo's profile here

Read Professor Villu Jaanisoo's profile here

Villu Jaanisoo (b. 1963 in Tallinn, Estonia) graduated from the Department of Sculpture of the Estonian Academy of Arts in 1989 and taught sculpture in Finland, at the Art Institute of Kankaanpää and the School of Art and Media of the Tampere University of Applied Sciences, during the 1990s. From 2006 to 2008 he was the Professor of Sculpture at the Estonian Academy of Arts.


Jaanisoo’s works have featured in solo and group exhibitions both in Finland and internationally since 1984. As a sculptor, he is renowned for his versatile use of materials and his interpretations of the discipline’s traditions. Jaanisoo has produced great many works of art for public spaces in Finland as well as internationally. His previous responsibilities also include the post of the Artistic Director at the Pirkkala Sculpture Park in Finland and numerous expert posts and positions of trust.


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