Timetable for the academic year

Academic year 2016–2017

Autumn semester: From 1 August to 31 December 2016 (Christmas break weeks 52 and 1)

Spring semester: From 1 January to 31 July 2017 (Easter break 13.-19.4.2017)


As a student of the University of the Arts Helsinki, you will need to register as present or absent at the beginning of every academic year. For 2016–2017, the registration period is from 15 May to 15 August 2016 (for the Spring term also 1.12.2016-9.1.2017).. Please deliver the receipt of the payment to your own Academy study services office by the deadline.

Tuition is given 15.8.2016-16.6.2017. See the more exact tuition timetables in the Teaching syllabus.

General examination dates

General examination dates

Helsinki examination dates

Summer 2016

10.6. (enrolment by 13.5.)
5.8. (enrolment by 13.5.)

Autumn 2016
17.9. (enrolment by 7.9.)
15.10. (enrolment by 5.10.)
12.11. (enrolment by 2.11.)
10.12. (enrolment by 30.11.)

Spring 2017
14.1. (enrolment by 5.1.)
11.2. (enrolment by 1.2.)
11.3. (enrolment by 1.3.)
8.4. (enrolment by 29.3.)
6.5. (enrolment by 26.4.)

Summer 2017
9.6. (enrolment by 12.5.)
11.8. (enrolment by 12.5.)

How to register for an exam

You must register for the exam no later than 10 days before the exam using the online form. Enrolments after the deadline will not be processed. In these cases, you should contact the examiner and, if it is still possible for you to sit the exam, register directly with the examiner.

Exams can be taken on general examination dates for all courses which are part of the curriculum and include a written exam.

Harmonisation exams and other exams where instruments are permitted must be agreed on separately with the lecturer. Music recognition exams which are included in music history courses are arranged separately each semester. Students are advised to bring a CD player and headphones to the listening exam.

Exam day

The exams take place at Töölönkatu 28 Auditorium if not otherwise noted. The exam starts at 9:00 AM and ends at 1:00 PM. You can leave the auditorium 30 minutes after the start of the exam. You must present your student card at the exam for identification purposes and to confirm your attendance. Students who have registered as absent in the period in question cannot sit for exams.